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How An Intelligent Business Security System Can Serve Your Company

How an Intelligent Business Security System Can Serve Your Company

Whatever your business, your assets need protecting. Employees, buildings, property, products, computers and data are just some of the assets that make up your business and contribute to its success. The best way to protect your assets is with a business security system.

An integrated commercial security system is necessary to get all your security needs met.

These days security applications and building management need to be integrated. Commercial security integration is where a company merges its security solution with its security applications. An example would be building access and network access through key-cards and or bio-metrics.

The result is an intelligent commercial security system that encompasses all facets of your commercial requirements, with less to be concerned about your life as a business owner and/or manager becomes less stressful.

What does an integrated commercial security system entail?

An integrated commercial system involves more than the basics that make up home systems. Integrated security systems include any of the below:

  • Barriers and Intrusion detection
  • Central monitoring
  • CCTV Video surveillance
  • Burglar alarms using motion sensors and contact breakers
  • Key-card access such as commercial access control systems
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • RFID systems for identification to prevent loss
  • Logging and reporting on personal and building access
  • Remote control and access via smartphone

If you are considering a commercial security system, now is the time to give it a closer look.

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