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Retail Security Advice

How to prevent retail theft through better practices and retail security systems. Offer the best customer service possible Naturally if you have a retail store you will be giving the best customer service possible. Besides making your customers feel welcome…

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Security Alarm System Paphos

Security Safety Checklist

Home Security Safety Checklist Questions Are your valuable items visible from the street?Home burglaries account for a large percentage of all break-ins. That's why this is first on our Security Safety checklist. If you can see valuable items inside your home…

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Crash & Smash Burglar

Crash and Smash Avoidance

A crash and smash burglary is when a burglar targets the security panel to stop it sending an emergency signal by breaking in and rapidly smashing the security control unit. Unfortunately, your alarm system cannot differentiate between you unlocking the…

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Home Security Paphos

Home Security – is it worth the cost?

Home Security, two forms of measurement need be considered. Monetary value and piece of mind. You need to weigh the cost of a home security system against its value. Which poses further questions, like "How much will my installation cost?…

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Camera IP Security

Are you at risk of a burglary or home break-in?

Home or business break-ins and burglaries are a familiar occurrence for many homes and business around the island. While many people feel relatively safe in their communities a home invasion can occur at any time. These burglaries have become more…

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Alarm Security System

Outdated Security System? Time to Upgrade!

With the rising rate of burglary across the island, it is critical that you keep your security system updated. You can replace your existing alarm system or change outdated equipment. Either way, you must ensure that your family and valued…

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