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Crash And Smash Avoidance

Crash and Smash Avoidance

A crash and smash burglary is when a burglar targets the security panel to stop it sending an emergency signal by breaking in and rapidly smashing the security control unit. Unfortunately, your alarm system cannot differentiate between you unlocking the door and a burglar breaking in. Your system grants you a set period of time usually between 30 & 60 seconds to enter in your deactivation code. It’s during this time that the intruder locates the security panel and destroys it, therefore no alert has been sent out. At this point the intruder has all the time in the world to carry out their burglary.

How can you prevent crash & smash to your security system?

Going wireless means you can locate your panel anywhere throughout the home. So placing it in a strategic location is a must. Usually in a cupboard and a fair distance from any potential doors or windows that may be easy access areas. In addition to a wireless panel, using a GSM module helps lesson your exposure by using SMS alerts. SMS alerts mean one less physical medium that could be susceptible to disruption or attack. You can also go so far as to lock the panel away. Further to this, setting a low disarm confirmation time will certainly reduce your risk. After all if you have a key fob then you can disarm your system before even opening the door and setting off any alerts. We always test time from entry to accessing the location of the panel, we then try and set the timer to as low as possible to avoid such an event.

If you have monitoring we can set alerts for an entry event. If no deactivation alert follows then we are aware that a possible crash and smash may be taking place. We then follow our protocols for such an event immediately.

So with the correct strategy you can avert a crash and smash. Coupled with monitoring it will not matter if the panel is attacked or not as we monitor the entry events that are not followed by a deactivation event.

Here at Paphos Security & Alarm, we make sure your system is installed with the least exposure possible to such an event.

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