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Home Security – Is It Worth The Cost?

Home Security – is it worth the cost?

Home Security, two forms of measurement need be considered. Monetary value and piece of mind. You need to weigh the cost of a home security system against its value. Which poses further questions, like “How much will my installation cost? How much can a burglar alarm system or CCTV security system save me? Do I feel safer in my home knowing I have a form of protection? Am I less worried about my family or belongings when I’m not there?” Lets dissect the cost and value for a better insight to these questions.

Monetary Cost for Installation of a Residential Security System

Installation cost can range from as little as €100 and can climb to €3000. Pricing is usually an indicator on the quality of the product and the built-in features you can expect. Our residential systems range from €300 for basic alarm only packages to €3000 for higher end alarm & CCTV system combinations. Then there is maintenance to consider, warranty will cover faulty hardware but usually doesn’t cover the odd fault. Faults can be brought on by power outages or detector/contact/camera out of alignment for unspecified reasons. There is also a monitoring cost to consider if you wish to have the standard €30 per month security alarm monitoring service.

The average cost of loss from a burglary after taking into account insurance excess, items that perhaps can’t or will not have not been covered by insurance, can be as high as €2000. So if your intruder detection system averts at least one burglary from taking place then it’s covered it’s cost. This analysis would be for one of our higher end systems. Of course you can save on costs when you don’t require all the bells and whistles, such as remote lighting, IP modules or CCTV.

Peace of Mind value for a Home Security System

Without a security system in place, it’s only natural to worry about our belongings and more importantly our family. This is especially true when we are away for long periods of time. Will installing a burglar alarm or cctv system remove these stresses? It certainly helps relieve these stresses, knowing that there is an additional layer of home protection in place. We can say that our clients confirm that they feel safer in the knowledge that their level of protection has been elevated. It’s up to you to choose the level of protection needed, either with just a burglar alarm system or just a cctv system. Of course having both with the addition of 24/7 monitoring would greatly increase your security….in your security.

So is a security system worth it?

Besides the cost of installation, which you can offset by getting a discounted home insurance policy. Piece of mind is the real cost here. Knowing which system is best for you can be complicated. We can help you simplify that by giving you a free assessment. See our Security System offerings on our home page.

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