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Retail Security Advice

Retail Security Advice

How to prevent retail theft through better practices and retail security systems.

  • Offer the best customer service possible

Naturally if you have a retail store you will be giving the best customer service possible. Besides making your customers feel welcome it shows any potential shoplifter that they haven’t gone unnoticed. Greeting your customers with a smile and acknowledgment lets them know they haven’t gone unnoticed. Any potential thief will automatically feel uncomfortable if there has been some form of interaction. So greet your customers upon entry, ask them if they can be helped in any way. And if they have been in the store for prolonged periods then check with them on a regular basis.

  • Position your checkout accordingly

Positioning your checkout centrally, which is a common practice, is an effective way of keeping a visual on most shoppers. Whilst effective it also means a potential shoplifter can walk a few meters into the store and if fast and unnoticed can make a quick escape. To avoid this scenario try to place your checkout as close to the entrance/exit as possible. Potential thieves are less likely to steal if they have to pass by any employees, improving your retail security further.

  • Manage dressing rooms

If you have a dressing room, then having an employee responsible for this area is critical, using a numbering system correlating with the number of items the customer would like to try is a great way of stopping any possible theft.

  • Organizing your products

Often retailers will organize products while only considering their positions for making sales. Consider positioning products so that the ability to shoplift is also hindered. Your workforce should be able to quickly scan your store and identify if your high cost items are missing.

  • Eliminate blind-spots for better retail security

It’s difficult to avoid shoplifting if your layout has many blind-spots. Of course adding cameras to such areas is essential. Work on improving your layout by opening it up as much as possible, remove items that may cause blind-spots and create a space that allows your employees to have as much of a view as possible.

  • Highlight the consequences

Often a shoplifter will not think about the consequences of their actions. Make it clear by putting up signs inside and outside your store that you will prosecute any shoplifters. It’s a simple strategy that can certainly help.

  • Make sure you have enough staff

Depending on the volume of shoppers your store might have will dictate how many staff members you may need. Make sure you have enough staff as being under staffed will mean your staff members won’t have the time to monitor and pick up on any possible theft.

  • Install a CCTV retail security surveillance system

Costs of security systems have come down significantly over the years, their ability to deter and identify thieves has risen. If you work out the cost of stock loss over the lifetime of your security system you will likely find that besides the cost of stock, the piece of mind is added value. A CCTV system can help not just with shoplifters but also helps in monitoring your staff and checkout.

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