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Outdated Security System? Time To Upgrade!

Outdated Security System? Time to Upgrade!

With the rising rate of burglary across the island, it is critical that you keep your security system updated. You can replace your existing alarm system or change outdated equipment. Either way, you must ensure that your family and valued properties are protected against burglars, fires, and other hazards.

Know when to install a new security system or to have certain components replaced. Take note of these signs when doing an annual home security check.

Hardwired to wireless

Older versions of home security systems are typically hardwired. A hardwired system is one that connects the alarm keypad, sensors, detectors, and other devices through physical wires. The wiring is installed inside ceilings, walls and floors.

Hardwired systems are vulnerable to security breaches. An intruder can simply cut a wire to disable the entire security system. Of course, this risk is reduced by using the proper end-of-line resistor. Some wiring can become compromised with age such as having breaks/bends in the wiring that may alter its performance.

You need to update your home security system if you are still using a plain hardwired system. For contacts that are hardwired, but have damaged wiring you can change to a wireless system. Wireless systems control security devices via wireless communication protocols. It adds an extra layer of protection to your existing hardwired system.

Low-resolution camera to a high-powered device

Are the pictures or video from your security camera low resolution? It is time to upgrade your devices. An outdated camera that provides low resolution images is not dependable when attempting to identify what’s actually happening on screen.

Upgrade from old analog or 720p security cameras to a higher quality full HD 1080p device. You can upgrade to and have digital zoom capability, motion detection with configurable zones, and of course better IR for night vision.

Onsite to offsite monitoring

If your alarm security system can only be assessed onsite, you need better home protection. Remember that criminals are getting smarter and well-equipped with the availability of advanced technology. Install offsite monitoring capability for your home security system. This innovation will allow you to receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet or laptop remotely. You can also view live feeds from your camera via a web browser or smart phone with many systems now.

Onsite to remote alarm monitoring

Do you still solely depend on your neighbors to alert authorities during emergencies when you are not around? Then you need to update your home security system with an alarm monitoring service. This security innovation ensures 24/7 protection by linking your alarm system to an off-site central hub. When an intrusion, fire or any threat is detected, the alarm system sends a signal to you and to a team in a monitoring center. Once the threat is confirmed, the center alerts the appropriate authorities.

Manual to automatic software/firmware updates

Similar with any system run by a program, your security system software must be updated as often as necessary. It is time to change your home security if it does not provide for automatic software or firmware upgrades. Doing manual updates can be troublesome and expensive. Automatic updates apply patches to the system to fix bugs right away, making sure that your security system is always protected against vulnerabilities.

Transition to home automation

Home automation is the future of home security. It is boosts security, saves energy, and increases your level of comfort and convenience. Home automation literally puts the control of your security system and appliances into your hands. It links your devices to a central system that you can access from a remote point such as a smartphone app. You can turn on the lights on your porch when you are away ward off intruders or adjust the thermostat as you prepare to head on home.

Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be attacked than those with an installed system. It is also time for you to sign up for an alarm monitoring system to make sure your home is protected 24/7.

Finally, consider automating your home. It adds a layer of protection and helps reduce energy consumption. It also enhances comfort and convenience in your home.

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